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Lesson 22 What's Next

I want to show you something I found a while back. This Bulletin is a few years old, but it shows that the religious Jews in Israel are aware that the Messiah is coming soon; therefore, they are watching for Jacob's Trouble which is 20-21 years long and ends when Messiah, Jesus returns.


Jacob's Trouble is a 20-21 year period which is characterized by great fear in Israel as not experienced in the past. That would include fear of WMD's being launched on them, the Magog War and the last 3.5 years of the 7 year Tribulation when Israel and others live with another holocaust under the Antichrist. It would also be full of wars and rumors of wars for Israel, and other birth pangs. Remember, Jacob is the man God re-named Israel. Jacob's Trouble is Israel's Trouble!


The prophecy that refers to Jacob's Trouble is found in Jeremiah 30:1-9. Shortened version:

Jer 30:1-9 The LORD, the God of Israel, said to me, "Write down in a book everything that I have told you, because the time is coming when I will restore my people, Israel and Judah. I will bring them back to the land that I gave their ancestors, and they will take possession of it again. (done,RH) 

I, the LORD, have spoken."...... A terrible day is coming; no other day can compare with it, even the time of Jacob's trouble, but they will survive."  The LORD Almighty says, "When that day comes, I will break the yoke that is around their neck and remove their chains, and they will no longer be the slaves of foreigners. (As long as they do not have access to Temple Mount to worship, they consider themselves SLAVES.RH)

Instead, they will serve me, the LORD their God, and a descendant of David, whom I will enthrone as king.

Speaking of Jesus the King during the millennium.


This prophecy concerns years of distress, great distress before Jesus returns, saves Israel and ushers them into their Jubilee of 1000 yrs under their King Jesus.


Jacob's Trouble refers to the 20 years (Gen_31:41)  of distress and trouble Jacob went through living with his uncle Laban. Jewish teaching says it is traditionally 21 years, three 7's.   


Anyway, this Bulletin is what I want you to see.



Judaism (Orthodox Jews) has officially

declared The Times of Jacob's Trouble have begun!


The "Gedolei Yisrael" or the Great Ones of Israel, which is a group of the most holy (27 in all) leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages of Judaism, have unanimously declared that they see the beginnings of "the Time of Jacob's Trouble"


Jeremiah: "Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it, it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it" (30:7)

 BULLETIN: Orthodox and Hassidic Rabbonim Declare "Time of Jacob's Trouble" - Reported by ben Yosef - March 22, 2001.

At the Western Wall today and in yeshivas and synagogues and religious schools throughout Israel the sound of shofar blasts, the singing of Hebrew Psalms and cries and tears and wails of repentance were heard in response to a declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) formally recognizing the beginning of the "time of Jacob's trouble."

What is unusual about this year's Yom Kippur Katan is that in light of the 6-month-old Palestinian uprising which has claimed the lives of many Israelis, the rabbis have added the designation as "a time of Jacob's trouble."

Further it is signed by ALL 27 of the leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages, both the "maranan verabonon" (masters and teachers) and the "gedolei ha-Torah vehaChassidus (Torah sages among the Chassidut)."



Jacob's life during those 20 years with his uncle Laban were troublesome, but he was not in danger. That means the connection between Jacob's trouble and Israel in these last days is the length of time, not any similarity in things suffered. That gives us another timeline clue.


Since Jacob's Trouble must include Israel's most fearful end-time threats, such as:

The destruction of Damascus because it will bring great retaliation on Israel, likely with WMD's

The Magog war with WMD's

The last 3.5 years under Antichrist with the greatest holocaust of all,

we have timeline events to work with.


Let's see when this 20-21 years could actually, officially begin!!


The Magog war which begins 3.5 years before the last 7 years, referred to as the tribulation, gives us 10.5 years from the back of the 20-21 years.

In other words, if Israel reaches 80 years at Jesus' return, that brings us to 2027.

2027 - 10.5 (Magog's first half and last 7 yrs) = 2016.5 Magog can begin no later. That is do-able so far.

2027 - 21 = 2006 That is the latest year the 21 years of Jacob's Trouble could have begun, if Israel reaches 80. 


That still seems do-able time-wise.  


The 21 years could have begun earlier than 2006, but remember we can't push it back to far since Damascus or Magog have not happened yet


I would say the Rabbi's are "in the ball park."


It also means I am in the ball park too


If my timeline is correct, then Israel is already in Jacob's Trouble, those last 20-21 years before Jesus returns.


So, what are we doing? We are learning to number our days so we can prioritize God in the number 1 spot in our lives and pray for our loved ones.  


What's coming in our immediate future?

Right now, what is going on in Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, various places in Africa, and Philippines, will continue to happen everywhere the Muslims think they have a chance to gain power, either over one another or the infidels. Interesting: a CBS reporter did an interview in Syria with a Christian town who said that under Assad, they had freedom of worship but the rebels, are forcing the Christians to convert or die. The CBS reporter said if Assad falls it will likely be a bloodbath for Christians. Last week the rebels we are arming, dismembered a young Christian girl, alive, and filmed it, very effective.


The price of oil is going to continue to rise, due to the threats of war, and because those who make their living selling oil, (Arabs, Russia) want higher oil prices. They want the prices to go up of course for more money, but also because they want to bring America beneath them in wealth and power.


Worst of all, this current administration is doing its best to collapse this nations wealth for some misguided belief that our wealth is the cause of all the troubles in the world, and that they can funnel that wealth to those they feel are more deserving. Ridicules I know, but true.


As oil goes up, and because we are in debt to the tune of 17 trillion dollars with very little GDP coming in to pay this debt, our economy is going to tank even further. The reason the Fed decided to continue to buy our debt in the form of bonds is because they know that as soon as they stop, great recession, even depression follows, and not just for us, but also for those who are tied to us financially through the dollar.


The value of the dollar, which is at 80.43 today, will drop even further. The dollar will then be dropped as the reserve currency. This will cause all imported goods to increase in cost. Unemployment will skyrocket, so will crime.


I believe these financial woes will continue through 2014 and really pick up late 2014-2016. Now should war or natural disasters, disrupt oil further, we will see things get bad more quickly.


This is all part of the birth-pangs before Antichrist rises.    


But before Antichrist rises, a few things have to take place. These things are now beginning, simultaneously, and I can't tell you which will actually be accomplished first.


They are:

* Damascus destroyed, never to be a city again. Isaiah 17:1, Jer 49:23-27

* The terror groups that border Israel attack. There is a bloody war, but Israel prevails. Psalms 83

* The Magog war, the backers of these small groups take revenge, Ezek 39


For you Bible students: Ezek 38 is a prophecy about the Magog war that occurs at the end of the 1000 yr reign of Christ. We have two Magog wars and two prophecies. You would think that the pre-tribulation war would be mentioned first, but as God often does, telling the ending first, Ezek 39 is pre-trib war and Ezek 38 appears to be the end of millennium war. This is when all the people of Israel will be living in safety, without fear and unsuspecting. Also note the horses in chapter 38. After they beat their swords into plowshares will they have tanks and armored humvees for war? I think not.  


While the Middle East is pushing toward these wars, the Bible says one more thing must happen:

* That which restrains evil must be neutralized and/ or taken out of the way. 2 Thes 2:7


There are three restrainers of evil in the earth, God, America and those Christians.

* God:

Is pulling back His hand of protection, He is dishing out warnings in the form of judgments because peoples and nations have turned their back on Him and the evil is growing by leaps and bounds. Part of those warning judgments is to pull back from restraining evil and enemies.  


* The Christians: They will be removed, raptured out. But even now, while they are still here, the Christian community is greatly weakened in its influence to restrain evil. Christians are not making much headway in preventing the current legislation of evils, including those evils being taught to children in classrooms all across the country. This is exactly what Jesus said would happen when he addressed the Philadelphia Church, the Barley Christians who will be raptured out:


Rev 3:8  "'I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power (influence), and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. (ESV)  


* America:

Right now, under Obama, America is being neutralized on the world stage, evil is much less afraid of us. Our enemies are emboldened under Obama's administration. Russia and Iran both just got one up on Obama and on the world stage.

Obama softens on nuclear Iran: Keep components, just promise not to weaponize them.


Even here at home, evil is having its way. Militant homosexuals are driving Christians who won't cater to them, out of business. It is now legislated that we must encourage homosexuality as normal and wholesome for our children. Abortion is now available by a pill to our children in vendor machines on campus. A young girl can obtain an abortion without parental consent or notification. Godless progressive communists and radical Islamic extremists are running our nation and subverting our Constitution while painting the patriot and Christian as radical extremists. This current young generation of Blacks have become militant under Obama and are at war with the Whites, killing them in the streets. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Just look at the evil in our nation that we are now almost helpless to confront or stop. 


This will lead to persecution in this nation against anyone who doesn't go along. If you think not, I'm sorry but you have another think coming!!  


America can no longer restrain evil, she has become full of evil herself.


On top of that:

When our financial collapse comes, it will be felt throughout the world. America will fall hard, how far I don't know. America will be hated and blamed by the world, because this financial collapse will hurt everyone, and we will be hated and blamed for the world's ill's just like Israel is.

    We are sister nations with Israel, under the God of the Bible, whether you think so or not! As we have pulled back from Israel and have embraced her enemies for the sake of oil, we have sealed our own downfall. I'm sorry but that is what the Bible says. The pulling away from Israel really took off under Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accord, then Madrid Conference 1991 under Bush 1, then Clinton continued it with the Oslo 1 Accord in 1993, and on and on. Every president since Carter has tried to appease Islam at the expense of Israel all for the bottom line of cheap oil from Islam rather than drilling for our own. God is not pleased!!


I hope you can see that the restrainers of evil, all of them are being removed or neutralized.

It is this lack of restraint against evil that gives the Antichrist rise according the Bible!


So, if the rebels in Damascus launch something deadly into Israel, she will take Damascus out! Israel is already surrounded by enemies. She stands completely alone. Iran of the Magog war has promised to avenge Syria, and Hezbollah should Israel go to war with them again.  


The things above that I said were next to come, are so close we can almost see them approaching. We certainly can hear them! If I am correct in my understanding of Israel as the timepiece God is using, we have only 3 1/4 years before the last 10.5 must begin. 13.25 years, which includes the last 7 years, that is all the time we have left.


While I was thinking about this, I felt sad, there are so many things I haven't done yet. God said to my heart: "This life is not the life I have planned for you, this life is only a school and testing ground for your real life that lies ahead."  Wow! I may very well do everything I ever imagined doing and more! Now I just need to make sure I have as many of my loved ones with me as possible.


Back to the present:

Right now, we have the Middle East on fire, Iran is working on the bomb, and has every intention of using it to remove Israel from the map. Obama really does not care. America is no longer backing Israel as before. We are completely broke, and on the brink of falling ourselves. When we fall, Europe and many others will fall into recession or even complete bankruptcy with us. How much chaos and unrest do you think that will cause in our streets, and all over the world?


Understand, the reason this administration has DHS, IRS, EPA, and so many other initials buying weapons and ammo is because they know there will be riots in the streets and complete chaos and unrest. Already our police are acting like military and this is only going to become more so. The irony is that this administration has done everything possible to bring this nation to her knees hoping for a re-set into a more communistic type of government so that their kind can rule and cure all of societies ills, or so they think. However, the re-set they get may very well be one that in the end, oppresses them as well as us. Isn't it interesting that the Antichrist will be Islamic, and our Current Occupant in the Whitehouse has an Islamic background with the middle name of Hussein. Is this just a glimpse of things to come for America? I hope not.  


I hope you are awake!


So, just to re-state what is next:

Damascus will be destroyed, probably by nuclear weapons. At this point, gas is at least $10 a gallon or much more.

Two wars = both in Israel, the use of nukes or chemical weapons is very possible, even likely.

America will collapse financially and beyond that is uncertain, much depends on if she repents and turns back to God. The financial collapse will change life for everyone, some more than others.        

The first rapture of the Barley Christians will take place. 


Be aware, gas prices, unemployment, and prices of everything will continue to rise. Make sure you are putting something away to fall back on.   


Everything I have mentioned above falls right in line with the 4 horses of the apocalypse which are released in rapid succession at the beginning of the 7 years. Wars, civil and regional, inflation, shortages, hunger, disease, and death for many from all of the above. That will dominate the first 3.5 years of the last 7. Then, 14 catastrophes are released over a 3.5 year period, along with the reign of terror by the Antichrist. It will be hell on earth.  


I know this is depressing, but not if you are looking for the first rapture of believers and you want to receive immortality and a life you never imagined. Time is short, make sure that you, your family and loved ones are ready, spiritually and physically.


If you are not looking for those things, why not? Don't you think it's time to seek God for yourself and find out if these things are true?


Or, you can wait until after Damascus is gone, Israel has the Magog war and a large group of people are missing and unaccounted for. Oh and many graves, not all, but many are opened and empty.


You could wait for all of that and then hope to live to be raptured with the wheat group, just at the end of the first 3.5 years.