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 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the  free  exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right  of the  people  peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of  grievances.

Lesson 5 The Project


I've come across a few more important things you should know about Islam in America. Islam is a complete and detailed system of laws that regulates ALL behavior, not just in the religious arena but in the SECULAR arena of life as well - economic, social, military, legal and political. Governing all aspects of civil society and life, both public and private. Sharia is not just religious law, but a law that is absolutely supreme. It is viewed as the final and universal law that should and will govern all of humanity, for all time.


It is not possible for Sharia to coexist with other legal systems and forms of government. A Muslim is to obey Sharia, the laws of Allah above all other laws, even in non-Muslim countries. That is why as soon as they get a community going with a community voice (CAIR or some other group) they begin the push for the rule of Sharia over all other laws in their community and eventually to everyone else.  


Of course not all Muslims are in agreement, some would just like to live in peace and privacy; however, that is not possible in Islam. These Muslims will be targeted with harassment, death threats, imposed punishment for not obeying Sharia, considered a heretic, which could mean death. 


Sadly, these tactics are working. How many moderates spoke out after 911, or Ft Hood, or anything done in the name of Allah? Unfortunately, they won't speak out and at some time they will be assimilated just like the Borge! In fact, if you and I aren’t willing to die for our freedoms and whatever else we believe, we will be assimilated too


The UK has tried to coexist along side Muslim communities and slowly the UK has been and is being assimilated. 


I really like that analogy, to me it really fits. 


Anyway, in the UK, Europe and now the US, they have infiltrated into every area of influence and government all the while demanding special treatment because they are so misunderstood and persecuted against. So everyone just keeps opening doors for them, even doors that would be closed to someone of any other religion


Back to the UK, there are now at least 85 Sharia councils, and 5 Muslim Arbitration Tribunals. They are said to have tried some 7000 cases up through 2010 alone. Because these Tribunals operate under the UK's Arbitration Act of 1996, their rulings are binding under UK law - even when their rulings are contrary to UK law. These Imams or judges are not appointed by the Muslim people. There is no independent monitoring of these judges are rulings. No records are kept for searchable legal judgments and there are NO appeals


This is spreading in every state and nation where they live. They are working right now to establish these tribunals and councils in Canada and the US. When citizens vote or otherwise try to prohibit these councils and tribunals the Muslim appointed voices like CAIR criticize the objection as being discriminatory and file lawsuits claiming that such discrimination is unconstitutional!!  


Back in 2004, documents intended for Muslim Brotherhood eyes only were obtained by FBI in Virginia. Among them was a document titled "An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America" This is what Mohamed Akram wrote:

"The Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." 

Besides that statement, the Muslim Brotherhoods motto, which is: 

"Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Quran is our law, jihad is our way, and dying in the jway of Allah is our highest hope."  

 The Muslim Brotherhood has a master plan designed to establish an Islamic government everywhere. It is a 12-point strategy they named "The Project." They say it is a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the "cultural invasion" of the West. They will utilize various tactics such as immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest, deception, political legitimacy and terrorism. They have employed "The Project" for more than 2 decades already. 


In America they have dozens of front organizations through which they operate. Through these, they are able to work through various channels to accomplish their purpose. The hope of the Brotherhood is that the West will be so focused on halting terrorism that it will turn a blind eye to all the other ways Islam is altering America! It is obviously working because no one in government or main street media is speaking up about how successfully they have penetrated the highest levels of our government and military, except Michele Bachmann who is on the front lines. Now they have launched a witch-hunt against Michele. We may well lose her as an advocate and whistle blower against what the Brotherhood and the administration are doing to America.


They are now part of our highest and most sensitive government and national security positions. They are giving advice on foreign policy, war on terror, and how to appease Muslims here at home and abroad. We've actually invited the fox into the hen house.


Omar Ahmad, cofounder of CAIR said, "Islam is not in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominate. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth." He means it, and he speaks for most if not all Muslims in power in our government. They are in government to be in a position to take over legally, politically if possible! That is exactly what they did in Lebanon. They don't want to be an American; they don't want to be a free people. They want to advice the president, make policy, get more Muslims elected and appointed, and get military aid to help the Brotherhood win its current battles in other nations so they can take over. That is exactly what happened in Libya, Egypt, now Syria. They fuel and help create a crisis then they rise up as the strong man with all the answers. 


Oddly enough, that is what our current administration is doing right here at home. They want to restart our nation under the rule of progressives with an ever-increasing government, and they are very close! Anyway, the Muslim Brotherhood is using the same tactic all across the Middle East, only for different reasons. For the most part, once you get the people in crisis, most of them are willing to submit to make the pain stop. Then you clamp down on the ones who won't go along.  


Our nation already has two strikes against it, the government is over-run with progressives and our progressive president is spending us right into crisis all the while using all that borrowed money to put their progressive machine into position. They have no intention of creating an atmosphere for small business and jobs, except the jobs needed for their machine to take over the country and turn it into their idea of utopia.     


The Muslims know the Caliphate Empire is rising; the Sunni's and Shiite's are each fighting for control of that empire. They will play together briefly to fight Israel, Christians or Americans, but then they are back to fighting one another for control. The Muslim Brotherhood is moving out to gain as much territory and put it under Sharia Law as possible, in advance of the rising of the caliph or Madhi. They expect him soon.    


OK, next time we will begin to look at our players in Daniel and Revelation, I promise.